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Top Chef Recap: The Last Supper

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Last week Tiffany was sent home. Mike said Tiffany was great but the three top competitors are left. 

Padma and Wolfgang Puck are here for the quickfire.


There are seven classic quickfires to choose from past seasons. The cheftestants will pick what quickfire to give each other. Because Mike won lst time, he picks first.



  • Mike picks Antonia and canned foods.

  • Antonia picks Richard and hot dogs.

  • Richard picks Mike and one pot cooking.

Antonia says Richard isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. While the cheftestants are cooking, Padma comes in and says that each of the cheftestants have to assign a classic top chef twist to another cheftestant.


    Richard assigns no utensils or tools to Mike.

  • Antonia assigns one hand to Richard.

  • Antonia gets double apron (like a three legged race)with Carla.

Richard is trying to slice a lime with one hand, Mike is just standing there waiting for his pork to cook and Antonia and Carla are actually having fun (or so it seems). The cheftestants hae made:

  • Antonia curry soup with canned shrimp

  • Richard curry wurst

  • Mike a twist on pork and beans with braised pork shoulder

Wolfgang said Richard's dish was too ketchupy. Wolfgans says Antonia's soup was delicious but too concentrated and Mike's pork could have been a little more cooked. The winner is Mike.


The cheftestants are at the Cloisters at The Ocean Club in Paradise Island, where there are special guests. Richard said there could be rock stars or aliens waiting for him. While they're not rock stars, they're not aliens either (well, maybe Morimoto). It's Michelle Bernstein, Wolfgang Puck and Morimoto.

The cheftestants elimination challenge is th prepare and serve a last supper. Mike, as the winner of the quickfire, picks Michelle Bernstein to cook for. He also gets to pair the remaining chefs and contestantschefs for the cheftestants.

Mike picks Puck for Richard and Morimoto for Antonia.

Padma says there's one final surprise in a sealed envelope that will be revealed tomorrow.

  • Wolfgang wants goulash and spaetzel and a strudel from Richard.
  • Michelle wants fried chicken biscuits and gravy from Mike.
  • Morimoto wants miso soup and sashimi from Antonia.

Tom comes in to the kitchen to check on the cheftestants. Tom says that Mike won two challenges in a row and has the easiest dish. He also says Richard enjoys breaking down a challenge and people that do that have an easier time of it. Tom says Antonia's dish is simple but if it's perfect, its redemption.

While prepping, Antonia cuts her Hamachi but the fish is bad. She says it's this close to going rancid. Antonia finds some tuna to use instead.

At dinner we are introduced to Morimoto, Melanie Dunea author of the book My Last Supper, Gail Simmons, Tom, Padma and Wolfgang Puck. 

Antonia makes a raw tuna bento box with miso soup, Asian pear and pickled vegetables. Morimoto sais the miso was too salty. Gail choked on the scotch bonnet pepper, Tom said there was nothing subtle about the meal.

Mike makes a fried chicken. a pea puree and an empanada with egg yolk. Wolfgang sais it's an elegant version of fried chicken. Morimoto said the chicken was a little dry. Tom said the batter didn't adhere to the chicken but it was a good dish. Michelle said this is not what she would have done but she liked it.

Richard makes a goulash with spaetzel and frozen sour cream and strudel. At first taste the judges all go "mmmmmm". Gail said Richards strudel was outstanding. Tom wishes it might have been hotter. Wolfgang says it was great but he hopes it's not his last meal.

Judges Table

Judges Table is at the dinner.

Michelle said that Mike's  chicken had to be super juicy and the breading super crispy. 

Wolfgang said Richard's flavors were "spot on" but the spaetzel was tough

Morimoto said Antonia's miso soup was salty.

Tom says Richard will be cooking in he finale.

Padma reminds everyone that Antonia and Mike are the two bottom contestants and one will be going home. She pulls out the mystery envelope and gives it to Antonia to read. It says, there will be one more challenge. The chefs have 45 minutes to make one last bite. Seven judges - seven bites. 45 minutes. Winner gets in. Time starts now.

Antonia makes a grouper with lobster broth.

Mike is working on a tempura lobster tail over beef tartar.

Gail loves the idea of Antonia's dish, but it was very powerful. Morimoto said grouper is a simple fish so she had to make a bold sauce. Michelle said Mike's dish didn't wow him with flavor.

Gail said if she had to eat a dish again she would pick Mikes'. Michelle would choose Mike Melanie picks Mike, Morimoto picks Antonia, Padma picks Antonia, Wolfgang picks Antonia.

So far it's a tie, Tom says Antonia's curry grouper was aggressive and Mike's was a little bland. Padma asks Antonia to pack your knives and go. Next week Tom says create the restaurant of your dreams. The cheftestants are back to help the finalists.

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