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Top Five Foodies to Follow on Twitter

In the world of instant gratification, Twitter provides us with more quick and up-to-date information than we can actually swallow. With more than 50 million tweets per day, keeping up with the traffic has proven to be difficult.

Since it's next to impossible to follow every foodie in the Twitterverse, here are my top 5 that I can't skip a tweet from.

1. @DDSoFla
Why you should follow: When the South Florida account first got on Twitter this past November, they celebrated by giving away more than 1,000 tickets to a Miami Dolphins game that yours truly got to attend (even though they lost to the Houston Texans). They continue to tweet random giveaways and prizes weekly.
Recent sample tweet: Offer still stands - First person to twitpic us a photo of them enjoying a new @DunkinDonuts Bagel Twist will win a FREE Dozen Donuts.
If you do, beware of: Lots of promos that you may not be interested in. Personally, I don't care about free coffee in Pembroke Pines or their recent bagel twists.

2. @FoodPorn
Why you should follow: There is no better way to put it: It's your mouthwatering food pictures of the day. Not just for the "lardies"; they also tweet pictures of salads, vegetarian, and vegan meals.
Recent sample tweet: Mascarpone Pancakes w/ Raspberries & Dusted w/ Powdered Sugar: Stack 'em up and shove 'em in! #FoodPorn
If you do, beware of: Amateur photos and some people who aren't, well, "photogenic."

3. @Latin Burger
Why you should follow: They've made a total of three Broward stops to date, and more come every month. They capitalized on social media by updating followers on their locations of the week on Twitter and Facebook. Read about my recent Latin Burger experience here.
Recent sample tweet: Woohoo. Truck is up. We will be at 105th and Biscayne. Busy Bee Car Wash. 11 till 2.
If you do, beware of: the Facebook links. All of their tweets are automatically generated from their Facebook fan page. If you don't want to be brought to Facebook, don't click the link.

4. @Foodimentary
Why you should follow: Apparently there is a food holiday every day of the year. You can also test your food knowledge with their food facts. It's the closest thing you can get to an adorable tweeter.
Recent sample tweet: In the average Mexican household 2 lbs of tortillas are consumed per person per day. #FoodFact
If you do, beware of: Nothing. I have no complaints about this tweeter. They're just awesome.

5. @TylerFlorence
Why you should follow: He once tweeted a six-part recipe for banana pancakes (which I adapted to my banana pancakes post here). He is a courteous tweeter; that is, he retweets, replies to his fans, is personable, and doesn't overtweet.
Recent Sample Tweet: just got my iPad yesterday and the new Tyler Florence Fast App works really well. Build a three course meal, combine shopping list, emailable.
If you do, beware of: Massive amounts of TwitPics. But he warns you first.


Honorable Mention: @JeffHouck
Why you should follow: A food writer for the Tampa Tribune. He can live-tweet the hell out of the majority of food events and recently live-tweeted the Top Chef Masters. He was really into National Pancake Day in February.
Recent Sample Tweet: I really wish they could have found a larger flower for Kelly Choi's hair. It looks like a blooming, gardenia-scented goiter. #topchef
If you do, beware of: Nonfood tweets. Jeff is really into the Tampa Bay Rays, and it's baseball season.

I tweet about food too! Follow me: @dorizinn

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