Top Five Places to Pick Up Hot Foreigners During Boat Show

It's getting to be that time of year. The weather is slowly starting to cool down. Restaurant staffs are eagerly awaiting the return of the long-lost "season." And locals with a hankering for accents are getting psyched as their objects of desire prepare to return. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is coming back into town October 25 and bringing heaps of attractive foreign yachties with it. 

That being the case, we decided to compile a list of the best places to pick up hot foreigners during boat show season.

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5. McSorley's Beach Pub

As is the case with Irish pubs across the world, McSorley's attracts large crowds of expats, tourists, and locals. Visit throughout the year and you're more than likely to find at least an accent or two; but around boat-show time, this place is brimming with them. Its beachfront location, multiple levels, selection of Irish beer, and jukebox or DJs churning out Top 40 and classic pub songs make this place a prime target for yachties looking to get their drink on.

Lovingly referred to as "The Smell" -- a last bastion of indoor smoking -- this dark bar is located in a strip mall just off 17th Street. A longtime haunt for area locals, the Well got its big break as a yachtie hangout when the nearby Quarterdeck on Cordova shut down its pool bar -- pool tables, that is -- and bucket beer nights back in 2005. Yes, the Well had plenty of yachties before, but it has taken over the reins as the favorite yachtie bar for playing pool in the 17th Street area. We suggest heading over to those tables and hustling yourself a mariner.

This beachside bar makes the list due to its close proximity to boat-show central, Bahia Mar. The trove has been a longtime hangout for yachties wanting to escape life onboard. However, during boat show, it takes on a life of it own. Want to pick up a hot foreigner? Head down to the Trove shortly after the show shuts down its velvet ropes. You're bound to overhear those accents sharing horror stories from the show. Word to the wise: Be prepared to keep up, because these hard workers need to blow off some steam.

Voted Best Yacht Crowd Bar back in 2008, Waxy's has obviously earned its reputation for keeping a good stock of attractive, multinational yacht crew around. Its prime location, directly on 17th Street -- yachting center of the universe -- and authentic Irish pub feel make a perfect combination for crew searching for a taste of home. Head down on a Friday night for a chance to pick up some of that Irish luck.

Since opening in late 2011, Tap 42 has received both tough criticism and strong accolades. After some much-needed work, the hangout received the award for Best New Broward County Restaurant 2012. Apparently, we weren't the only ones impressed. The bar is packed with young, trendy locals and yachties alike. It's become the go-to happy hour spot for yacht crew fresh off the boat. Slide up to the bar on any given night; you're bound to have a hot foreigner field day. 

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Sara Ventiera