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Trickstarter: Invest in Trick Daddy's New Seasoning Line

Trick Daddy knows what's good for you. Don't believe us? On "Thug Holiday," he cautioned us to not use drugs and to stay in school. So, when we heard that he teamed up with Miami-based JADA Spices to create three signature spice blends — Cajun, jerk, and chicken salt — we knew it was because “Trick love tha kids.” 

Trick Daddy says, "It smells like chicken, it looks like chicken, but there ain't no chicken in it!" How…tricky. Check out this informative video:

Why does Trick Daddy need a Kickstarter campaign? We don't know. Maybe he blew his fortune on living the #thuglife. “I am well known in the hip-hop community but now with the help of my fans, I want to be recognized in the food industry. In addition to my love for music, I want to share with you my love for food.” I would like to thank my fans, I would like to thank God, and I would definitely like to thank my haters. Ha haaaaaa!”

"With the help of JADA spices, my seasonings will represent me and my city, the 305, with a dirty south flavor in every bite. I want you to taste the spices of Miami," the rapper says. 

All the spices are vegan, MSG-free, and gluten-free. We think the chicken spice would be a perfect seasoning for your Naan N*gga flatbread (an Indian take on the '98 Trick Daddy seminal hit "Nann N*gga" featuring Trina) to enjoy with Tandoori chicken. We like to shake up our “sugar water and mayonnaise sandwiches” by mixing the Cajun blend into our mayo for a thugtastic aioli. We’re imagining it might smell like Hennessy and conch fritters.

So far, he's raised $1,351 of his $30,000 goal. In the video, he assures us that he's raising money for legit stuff like licenses, inventory, and product development. Will Trick Daddy one day be the Paul Prudhomme of the Dirty South? We can make it happen, South Florida!

Pledge $45 or more to this noble cause, and you’ll receive a bottle of all three spices and a free Smartphone case or a “Bitch I Got My Pots” apron. (You can't make this stuff up.) $50 gets you all three blends, a “Bitch I Got My Pots” t-shirt. They all include at least one bottle of each spice and go all the way up to the $10,000 level which will get you a “Gold Record Label Plaque.” This one’s a little sad, actually. Trick daddy will give you his RIAA-certified gold plaque (for Book of Thugs) right off the wall of his crib. He’ll autograph it before he parts with it forever, then throw your ass out the door.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter page here.
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Claudia Dawson