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Two& Celebrates the Start of Its Second Year: “Have a Beer and Talk to Us About Bikes”

“Cycling is our life, not just a ‘theme’ or ‘concept,'" says Two& proprietor Elmo Love. 

A year ago, Elmo and Zoe Love took their love of cycling from an online operation of selling bikes and antiques to a brick-and-mortar store on East Las Olas Boulevard.They added beer and wine to the mix for a bizarre triumvirate of options that has become a cozy neighborhood spot in Fort Lauderdale. The blended bar/shop has great appeal with the pre- and post-Las Olas crowd, becoming an in-the-biz-destination for many locals looking to unwind after their shifts end.

Two& stands culturally in sharp contrast to many of its clubcentric neighbors. With an attitude formed by cycling and the beach lifestyle, as well as an open, well-lit, and inviting atmosphere, Two& is a charismatic throwback to the art of hanging out and good conversation.

“Cycling in Broward County is part awesome and part joke. We love our cars; that won't change for Broward overall," says Elmo. "As our business grows, we will continue to push our custom bike business and the overall idea that riding cool bikes around a downtown area is not just for hipsters. Have you seen bike culture in Tokyo? People care what their bike looks like.”

Having had its start creating customs from home, Two&’s bike shop has been handling repairs for the most part, but the Loves are looking to delving more fully into custom creations.

On the bar side, the Loves are also looking to move from only serving beer and wine to a full liquor license.

“Full liquor just expands our appeal. We have no food service. Food-truck economics are such that they won't show up unless they are guaranteed a certain number of customers,” explains Love. 

To that end, as part of its one-year anniversary celebration, Two& is offering a two-for-one membership perk to raise money and as a way to say thanks to its most loyal customers. It's also started a crowdfunding campaign on Indie Go Go to raise the $40K cost of the liquor license.

Despite the move to provide hard spirits, Two& remains a conscientious neighbor.

"We really want to focus on people who live within two to five miles of our shop/bar. Park your bike at our place and go enjoy Las Olas! We can figure out the getting-home part later. When you drive a car, there is this deep panicked need to get the car home. People need to discover the joy and freedom that comes with escaping that fear."

Though the party on Sunday will celebrate Two& first anniversary, it's called the Year Two party because — like any good cyclist — the Loves are all about keeping their eyes on the road ahead.

“We want our place to reflect the community and celebrate the diversity of a laid-back beach-going and bicycle-riding culture,” says Love. “There are plenty of other places to go and pretend to be something you're not. The valets there will be very impressed by your car. We can fix Walmart bikes and $12,000 carbon fiber time trial racers. We know there's a reason for both. Have a beer and talk to us about bikes. Find out why we spend so much on titanium, carbon fiber, exotic steel, and names 95 percent of the population doesn't know. We're doing pretty well. Get involved and it'll get even better. That's the message.”

Two&’s Year Two Anniversary party at 2 p.m. Sunday, August 2. 1517 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Visit

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