UPDATED - Orthodox Candy is a Kashrut Cow!

We get some strange things in the mail from companies looking to pump their products: care packages from popcorn advocacy groups and breath mints designed to help you fake your way out of alcohol-related trouble come to mind immediately. But this candy has to take the unleavened cake. Orthodox Chews is salt water taffy for the Talmudicly minded.

Take a look at the website - it seems like a joke right? I mean, they call it "the Chosen Chews"! It's the candy you and your family have been waiting 5000 years for! OK, it's certainly just lighthearted fun, but you know with all the uptight folks out there, someone is going to get pissed off about this stuff.

Unfortunately we didn't receive any samples of the Chews, but I bet it tastes pretty much like salt water taffy -- only blessed by the Lord himself. I did however see a guy eating a bag on the street, and managed to snap a picture as he schlepped away:

UPDATED - Orthodox Candy is a Kashrut Cow!

OK, enough goofiness. No, nevermind, here's some more goofiness:

Update: After seeing our blog post, Orthodox Chews creator David Neumann was kind enough to send us a sample package of candy. And I've got to say, this stuff is really good. The individually wrapped, colorful gobs of taffy are slightly salty and only a little sweet. They're definitely chewy and satisfying enough to continually pop one after another. So those seeking salvation through confections are in luck after all.

-- John Linn

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