Wine List: Five Great Wines to Pair With Lobster

With the official start of Florida lobster season on August 6 and hordes of amateur bug hunters loosed on the unsuspecting critters during the two-day lobster miniseason last week, it seemed as good a time as any to start thinking about what wines to pour with your seafaring bounty. 

Whether you catch your Panulirus argus in the waters off the coast or in the fish counter at your local market, these five wines will complement it as nicely as drawn butter. From full-bodied and fruity to crisp and racy, they are....

Santa Julia 2009 Torrontes ($9). If you're going to throw your

bug on the grill, this full-bodied Argentine wine is the one to pour. It

opens with aromas of tropical fruit, which segue into flavors of mango,

peach, and orange, the perfect counterpart to the smoky nuances of the


Antinori 2008 Orvieto Classico Campogrande ($10).

An incredibly versatile seafood wine is this excellent value from the

famed house of Antinori. Think ripe red apple and mango spritzed with

lemon and orange juices, a winning blend of lean and lush. 

Concannon 2008 Chardonnay ($12).

From an underappreciated vintner in California's underappreciated

Livermore Valley comes this delightful and well-balanced wine with a

modestly creamy texture and flavors of apple, pear, citrus, minerals, and

toasty oak. 

Geyser Peak 2008 Sauvignon Blanc ($10). Crisp,

clean, and refreshing, this California product balances the rich flavor

and plush texture of lobster with a bracing flavor profile that combines

green apple, melon, lemon, and lime. It's a pretty good deal too. 

Domaine de la Chauviniere 2008 Muscadet Sevre et Maine ($8).

This classic French seafood wine is just the ticket to cut through even

the richest lobster dishes, offering a tart, palate-cleansing hit of

lemon, grapefruit, and more minerals than the periodic table.

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Bill Citara