Woes Continue at the Village at Gulfstream Park

Woes Continue at the Village at Gulfstream Park

The Village at Gulfstream Park, a massive, billion-dollar outdoor shopping mall adjoined to the Gulfstream Race Track, is struggling in the summer heat, at least according to this article from the Sun-Sentinel. The story, which cites intense heat and the economy as contributing factors in the mall's troubles, comes hot on the heels of Gulfstream's first official closure.

That closure was authentic Italian eatery Tonino Lamborghini Caffe Corsa, which shut its doors for good last month. A representative of the Village, Ronnie Moro, told New Times, "It [is] unfortunate that Tonino

Lamborghini's Caffe Corsa closed, but it was strictly a business

decision made by its owners."

The article notes that while the park may be having some problems

attracting customers, it's already been a huge boon for the City of

Hallandale Beach, which expects to collect nearly $1 million in

gambling tax, licensing, and property tax revenue over the next year


As for the restaurants, retail, and nightlife destinations in the

Village, vice president and general manager Scott Laslo told the Sentinel, "We are missing our target a little. It's the economy for the most part. Granted, it hasn't all opened."

Of course, another prime factor could be that the race season, running

from January to April, is over. For Tonino Lamborghini, its strange

concept and proximity to another, better-known Italian eatery, Brio

Tuscan Grill, were likely contributing factors in its closure as well.

We've already seen that this hot summer is proving to be a tough climate for any restaurant to operate in. If conditions continue, it could be that more closures are on the way for this new venture.


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