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XBL Beer League Competition (Beer Pong, Flip Cup, etc.) This Saturday

Do you take your drinking seriously? Do you drink first and ask questions later? Or perhaps you perpetually invoke axioms of drunkard wisdom like, "I only drink on days that end in 'y'," "I'm not an alcoholic; alcoholics go to meetings" and "it's five o'clock somewhere?" Well, you might have a drinking problem. Or you might just the ultimate competitor, a behemoth of the squared circle ready to take XBL gold (aka the Gentleman's Cup) for your very own.

But just what is the XBL? Well, that's simple enough. Only the most brilliantly conceived drinking event in South Florida.

From the forward thinking--and presumably suds-addled--mind of Jonathan Garcia came a competitive drinking event that dares you to "put your beer where your mouth is."

This Saturday, February 19, the X Beer League will hold its fourth ever event, now a bi-annual battle pitting the mightiest beer drinkers that's quickly gathered a cult following. Teams of four register to compete in a bracket-style tournament moving through events like Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and whatever the hell you call chugging a beer, then spinning around with your forehead touching the top of a bat, and then trying to run in a straight line to get to another beer that needs chugging, all without falling on your face and having everyone who's already shouting laugh at you. Like this...

Looks like fun? It is. Also fun are the giveaways, tunes by the official XBL DJ, DJ Cam-One and of course appearances by the Bud Girls, who come bearing plenty of Budweiser shwag to hand out.

XBL IV takes place at JT's Sports Bar and Grill (10466 Taft St, Pembroke Pines) beginning at 3pm this Saturday. Pre-registration starts at 1pm, and you're encouraged to arrive early to ensure your team gets a slot. Teams of four register for $15 per person, and all teams need a name. Uniforms are also encouraged, and the whole thing is being shot for drunkenly embarrassing posterity, so feel free to get creative with those team unis.

And if you're not competing, come to show support, to take advantage of spectator drink specials, or just to laugh at the guys running sideways into trees after spinning around a bat.

Here are a couple more fun vids to whet your already beer-soaked appetite.

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