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Yambo -- Carne Asada -- $5.50 Meal

Yambo, winner of Miami New Times' "Best Nicaraguan Restaurant 2007," is a great, cheap 24-hour joint. A recent $5.50 lunch consisted of grilled meat, rice and beans, sweet plantains, salad, and queso Nica.

The New York Times Magazine lauded Yambo in a 2004 article by Richard Lourie. He said,

"But where do adventurous Cuban-Americans eat? Cesar Trasobares, an artist who makes his work from shredded money, favors Yambo, a Nicaraguan restaurant. Jolly, every square inch festooned with decoration, the restaurant offers dishes so exotic we had trouble identifying their ingredients. As proof of how far we were from South Beach's $30 breakfasts, three of us -- my wife, Jod, Mr. Trasobares and I -- paid a total of $14.50 for lunch." --- NY Times

Here are some pictures from Yambo, an amazing cheap eat.

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