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Farmer Jay's Top 25 Instagrams

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Farmer Jay
Boniato emerging from seed flats.
Shoveling manure while the hot sun sears your shoulders doesn't sound like an ideal way to spend the day. Neither does digging up dirt to plant vegetables, or dealing with rotting produce. This is what everyone thinks the farm life is like, right? But, you see, South Florida's very own Farmer Jay makes all of what he does look incredibly appealing -- and sort of makes us want to know what it would like to be a farmer (yes, a real one) for a day.

Granted, our manicures and suede loafers would probably be ruined, but on a manic weekday, taking a second to browse through Farmer Jay's Instagram makes us forget about life's materialistic trivialities. We took the liberty of picking out Delray's hottest farmer's best Instagram shots (all taken with an iPhone, surprisingly). What you see here will make you want to throw your urban lifestyle out the window and try out the rural life -- even if it's just for a second.

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