Quit Claim Deed

"Think back to what you missed," commanded Quit on its landmark 1990 album, Earlier Thought. That order has haunted the Miami pop-punk trailblazers since the summer of 1993, when Quit singer/guitarist Addison Burns fell off a rooftop and pulverized his wrist, suspending for two years the career of one of Miami's most popular bands. The timing couldn't have been worse. That same year, Quit watched helplessly as Green Day began the mall-punk revolution and a parade of Quit's pop-punk contemporaries gained fame and fortune. Nine years after the fall -- and following more comebacks and swan songs than an aging rock star behind on his alimony -- the three original members of Quit have re-formed behind their strongest material yet. For the first time in history, getting older and wiser has improved a punk band. While the ghost of ALL still screams through its jackrabbit tempos and catchier-than-an-STD guitar riffage, Quit's new tunes have a gravity befitting the indentations in Burns's wrist.

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