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27 Facts About New Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell

The Miami Dolphins have themselves a new head coach. At least on an interim basis. But, so far, it's been nothing but positive reviews for Dan Campbell, who took over the team for the recently fired Joe Philbin. Of course, the majority of that praise is based off of one press conference where he said a lot of cool football-y things and showed that he's a no-nonsense, hard-nosed, gritty guy, which is something football fans eat up like sharks to chum.

It's never a good thing when your team fires their head coach four games into the season. But if Campbell has provided one thing in the first twelve hours of his tenure, it's hope. 

Again, mainly because he looks and sounds like a super intense football coach.

How those things will help the worst offensive line in the NFL block better is beyond us, but we'll all have to wait and see.

One thing's for sure, Campbell made it clear that he's not just looking to keep the seat warm for the next permanent head coach. He's auditioning for this thing. Which is ballsy because, have you seen this team play in the last decade and a half?

"I'm ready for this," he said during his introductory press conference on Monday. "I can do this."

He's an intense dude.

Here now are 27 other facts about Dan Campbell that you may or may not have known:

1. The Dolphins replaced this guy:

With this guy:
2. Dan Campbell played for ten seasons as a tight end in the NFL for the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, and New Orleans Saints.

3. He’s most famous for yelling at Dolphins tight end Michael Egnew on HBO’s Hard Knocks:
4. He has 11 career touchdowns, which averages to one touchdown catch a year for his career.

5. The most receptions he made during a game for his career is four, which happened against the Minnesota Vikings in 2002. He was a member of the Giants at the time.

6. He was part of the Giants team that lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl in 2000. He played in the game but did not record a catch.

7. He was part of the Saints team that won the Super Bowl in 2009 in Miami (though he was on injured reserve for most of the season and did not play in the game).

8. He was part of the Detroit Lions team that lost all of their games in 2008 (though he was on injured reserve for most of the season and did not partake in any of the 0-16 games)

9. His entire coaching career has been with the Dolphins.
10. The Dolphins hired him as a coaching intern in 2010.

11. He was named the Dolphins tight ends coach in 2011.

12. He’s from the Bill Parcells mold, having played for Parcells in Dallas and Sean Payton in New Orleans.

13. People are very impressed by him:
14. He's the 11th head coach in Dolphins history.

15. He's the ninth head coach in Dolphins history since Don Shula retired in 1995.
16. He's the fourth head coach since Stephen Ross bought the team in 2008.

17. He's the second interim head coach since Stephen Ross bought the team.
18. Former colleagues think he'll do a good job.

19. A lot of people are saying he looks like PC Principal from South Park:
20. Like, A LOT of people.

21. Though, in his playing days, he looked more like Jeffery Lebowski:

22. He’s 39-years-old.

23. He is currently the youngest head coach in the NFL.
24. He’s the youngest head coach in Miami Dolphins history. (Don Shula was 40 when he took over the Dolphins.)

25. He’s the tallest head coach in Miami Dolphins history.
26. He’s the most jacked head coach in Miami Dolphins history.

27. Dolphins interim coaches currently hold a 5-5 record. That will change next week when Miami visits the Tennessee Titans on October 18.

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