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B. Jason, A.K.A. Last, Says Noise Music Is "What Punk Rock Strives to Be"

"For any reference to Last," the email reads, "use the name B. Jason." 

This kind of cloak-and-dagger intrigue is inherent to Broward County's most raw-and-primitive practitioner of extreme sound. 

And while he claims he's "Not trying to be edgy and mysterious" and is just trying to dodge Google searches from his employer, the absolute vacuum of information and documentation of Jason and the sonic asskicking he delivers with buckets, chains, sheet metal, and other remnants of industrial society, would suggest that the project embraces cultish anonymity.  

International Noise Conference is 'round the bend. And County Grind decided we wanted answers. And we wanted 'em now, 

County Grind: For a minute, you were the only harsh noise act I was aware of in Broward. And maybe even South Florida in general, because Rat's contingent isn't especially "harsh." I remember seeing you (and even booking you) for a couple hardcore shows. Did you have secret peers I was unaware of?

B. Jason: The only other "harsh" noise artist in Broward was Human Fluid Rot. We were working parallel to each other when I was starting to create. But artists like Rauh, Hoor-paar-Kraat, and Drowning The Virgin Silence are my peers and family.

Why are power electronics dudes so angry? Or are they?

Playing "harsh" stuff for me is a true catharsis of any type of obsessive feelings I have, and the anxiety and tension that comes with it. That is also what Last, as a whole, is about.

Do you have any rules, parameters, or guidelines for what you do in terms of generating sound?

No, the sound is constantly evolving. Nothing can be ruled out. For the moment, I have been working solely with tape loops of field recordings, and a contact mic.

What is the longest set you've ever played? What's the shortest? What determined the length of both of those performances?

The shortest was a house show with Failures and Salvation. I think it was three minutes. The longest was the noise show on the back patio during Today is the Day, at around 7 or 8. When I was fulfilled within the allotted time, I stopped.

Will Last ever start playing techno and/or cold wave?

No. I love those genres though. I hope to have a Dim Past cassette out on my tape label a bit later this year.

I mean, like, is noise even music?

This question has been debated for so long with great arguments on both sides. I can easily write a few paragraphs explaining my feelings on the matter but I will keep it short and sweet. I think it's what punk rock strives to be.

What is in your bucket? Can I has your bucket?

There is a contact mic and chain in the bucket. If I had another you can has.

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