Bill Cosby to Foul-Mouthed Comedians: "Knock Yourself Out"

The very first thing Bill Cosby said on the phone was, "What school did you come out of?" Not, did you go to school, but where did you go to school.

As I fumbled to decide whether to call one of television's greatest legends Bill or Mr. Cosby, (I ended up doing both, back to back, an embarrassing amount of times) I blurted out: "the University of Central Florida."

It's clear from the get-go that education is important to Mr.Cosby, a.k.a. Bill. He is a man that knows what his purpose is and has very strong opinions. He corrected the way I asked questions and I didn't even care, because he's Bill Cosby. He could've told me my voice sounded like Fran Drescher's on a bad day, and asked if my questions were written by a three-year old, and it still would've been one of the biggest highlights of my journalistic career.

But he didn't say any of those things, that's just not his way. He's a very kind man and very clearly from a different generation. We discussed TV, racial boundaries, and of course, Jell-O.

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Tana Velen