Bill Maher on Upcoming Presidential Election: "There's Obama and There Are the People from the Mental Patient Party"

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You ever had Bill Maher feature an image from a video you made with your coworker on Real Time as a New Rule, then get the chance to ask him about it on the phone just days later? Oh, yeah, and forget to press record when he tells you that it was one of his favorite New Rules maybe ever?

Yeah. That happened just yesterday. It was favorite or best, we were too excited to properly store that information. Luckily, sometime as he answered the question, "Why do you think Romney went with Ryan instead of Rubio?" we noticed, pressed record, and saved the remainder of the interview.

To our great pleasure, this past Friday, a photo of Maria, "the Butt Hole Girl," from our recent viral video was displayed next to Maher's head as Mark Cuban giggled at the anal joke. We're not sure if Maher actually saw the video, but it was still a landmark moment for New Times Broward Palm Beach.<

The rest our conversation involved discussing weird Florida news, our state's wacky politicians, and Mormonism.

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