Check Out Lil Wayne's NCAA Bracket

Every so often, the all-consuming brand that is Lil Wayne stops by the ESPN studios to dazzle sports journalists and former jocks alike with his reasonable (and often correct) sports predictions. Two years ago, he perfectly predicted the NCAA Tournament's final four teams. (Last year he didn't get to make public picks because he was incarcerated.)

Weezy did pick a bracket this year, and he's competing against the regular Around the Horn panelists. And so far, he's winning again.

As of the end of the games on Saturday night, Lil Wayne has picked almost 90 percent of the winners accurately, more than any other "expert." His few mistakes came mostly on games in which he picked Big East teams. (He picked Xavier, Villanova, Louisville, and Pittsburgh, which all lost.)

You can see his entire bracket here. He has Ohio State beating Kansas in the final. It's the same final game -- though with different results -- picked by President Obama. Of course, last year Obama famously predicted the tournament winner, and the year before that he has all the final four teams. (He won't this year, because, like Weezy, Obama tried riding that Pitt train.)

To put things in perspective, Bill Simmons, ESPN's "Sports Guy," predicted the same final game, Kansas versus Ohio State, but has been right on less than 14 percent of his picks.

As the tournament progresses, we'll keep you abreast of Lil Wayne's status.

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