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Chris Kattan, Tim Meadows, and Jon Lovitz - Kravis Center, West Palm Beach - February 6

Last night, the Kravis Center spiced it up a bit and delivered a night of comedy for the mostly grey-haired audience to write their grandkids about. Billed as the latest "formal SNL stars" traveling circus, comedians Chris Kattan, Tim Meadows, and Jon Lovitz proved that they aren't washed up.

Chris Kattan was first to the stage and flipped through his rolodex of classic SNL characters.  He broke the ice with "You might know me from Night at the Roxbury, but what I call it is the death of me." Then he rolled straight into Mango, striking the insatiable "No, you can't have me" pose and revealing, "what's really crazy is this, is what got me laid." And, of course, we got a taste of half man/half monkey Mr. Peppers, minus the monobrow and suspenders.

Proving that he turns on the radio every once in a while, Kattan even picked on the current state of love songs by calling out the Drake line "Almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt" from "The Motto." A couple of ladies heckling at the end of his quick set didn't faze the live audience professional as he passed the mic to the real Ladies' Man, Tim Meadows.

Meadows opened strongly with: "I know what some of you are thinking: What the fuck is Don Cheadle doing here?" If there's one thing we learned last night, it's that this dude loves weed. He also took some time to talk about President Obama and how black people are always so supportive of each other; "How else could you explain Tyler Perry's career?" Unfortunately, we were left wanting more here, as Meadows did not deliver the pleasures of Leon Phelps. He didn't even mention The Ladies' Man! At least, we will always have Mango...

Next up was headliner Jon Lovitz. Rumors are that Lovitz's financial woes led him to becoming a standup late-bloomer. He introduced himself: "Yes, I am Jon Lovitz, but most of you know me by my stage name, J. Lo." He covered a lot of irreverent material from going down on the Octomom to some shallow thoughts about racism.

But the highlight of the night was when Lovitz moved from center stage to an awaiting keyboard. Who knew the man could sing?! Someone yelled out the proverbial "FREEBIRD!" and he actually played it! He topped it all off with a medley of songs about Bob Saget having gay sex, the perfect end to any evening.

Lovitz definitely stole the show, and Kattan and Meadows were simply openers. We could have used a little more SNL love and maybe even a "Yeah, that's the ticket!" but overall, it was a solid night of standup and all the dick jokes and f-bombs made it refreshing to see that even the Kravis Center has a dirty side.

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