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Chronic Cover Songs for 420: Fevers Re-Create Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf"

Editor's note: If you grew up in South Florida, you've lived a

delightfully half-baked existence. You've definitely smoked the

stickiest crippy and the worst Jamaican schwag. County Grind got all

stoned and thought, why not ask these toasty South Florida musicians to

give us a taste of their favorite pot-inspired songs in preparation for

420? This Chronic Cover series introduces you to both songs about weed

and local talents.  

So far, we have had two excellent contributions to our chronically dedicated 420 local mission; Nick Eberhardt presented us with a kooky but faithful rendition of Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35," and Bryan Wohlust offered us a charming coffeehouse take on Michael Franti's "Ganja Babe."

With the prospects of the impending weekend and the great stoner holiday hastily approaching, we thought we'd flip through our catalog of songs and crank our Marshall amps (BTW, RIP, Jim Marshall; your contributions to rock 'n' roll were immeasurable,) up to 11. Let's get hyped, shall we?

Of the 420 covers we have received so far, Fevers' version of Black Sabbath's canticle to the joys of cannabis, "Sweet Leaf," is perhaps the most booming.  

Off Black Sabbath 1971 live album Master of Reality, "Sweet Leaf" was a sage choice for the West Palm Beach noise-pop trio. The song allows Fevers the opportunity to indulge in the cacophony of white noise and guitar frenzy in which the group excels. This was the sound that, although somewhat ear-splitting, droning and ear-plug-mandatory, engaged us so heavily the first time we saw Fevers perform at a Japan/Haiti benefit show at Respectable Street last May.

Fevers' frontman Christian Humphries also showcases his musical chops here, reaching for epic overextending yelps that have many parallels to Perry Farrell's finer Nothing's Shocking moments.

Humphries shared with his fans on Facebook that although Fevers doesn't partake in the herb action, they were happy to be a part of our 420 project. And we are more than happy to have them onboard too. Smokers, nonsmokers, inhalers, noninhalers... we will take them all if they sound as good as Fevers' does here. Although we think he is sober now, we think an Ozzie back in the '70s would have been more than happy to set this track as background music while he cleared out his six-foot glass bong.

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