Does a South Florida Rock Star Like High-Priced Hookers?

This is a serious question, actually. The Detroit News dropped quite a bombshell earlier today following the arrest of alleged Miami Companions madam Laurie Carr. According to a 2007 e-mail to TV execs, one of Carr's clients was "a

lead singer of one of the most successful modern rock bands in recent

years, was known as a customer with 'very deep pockets' who 'always paid

for multiple hours every time his wife was out of town.'"

Additionally, this unnamed rocker was reportedly so freaking wasted during his most recent tryst with a pair of Miami Companions' finest that they were afraid to ride back with him from a supposed "drug house" in Miami Beach.

Regardless, The Detroit News is not releasing the name of our secret rocker because he didn't cop to his dirty deeds. Here is the particularly tasty bit from the story:

In the e-mail, Laurie Carr spins a story about the rock star and two Miami Companions escorts.


one occasion, the singer hired two "hot girls" named Paris and Julie,

according to the e-mail. They went to his house in southern Florida,

where he allegedly had sex with Julie while Paris danced.


rock star later drove the two women to what they believed was a drug

house in Miami Beach, according to the e-mail. The women got scared,

left in a cab and went home.

The next day, the escorts returned to the rock star's house to pick up their car.


Julie was getting out of Paris' car, (the rock star's) wife ran out to

them screaming and wanted to know what the (expletive) their car was

doing there," Laurie Carr wrote. "Julie unfortunately broke the cardinal

rule and told (the rock star's) wife the truth, they were escorts, they

had been their (sic) the night before partying and they didn't feel

safe to drive back with (him) because he was so (expletive) up. (The

rock star) then called us screaming that he would never use our agency

again. That sucked for us ..."The rock star's wife issued the following

statement to The Detroit News: "What was stated never occurred while I

was in the house," she said.

"I have no knowledge of this situation."

There could be a lot more from this affair that comes out, but as our sister paper's Kyle Munzenrieder correctly points out, this could also be a big bag of wind from someone who was trying to add some fictionalized juice to get her TV show picked up.

County Grind commenters, we would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

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Reed Fischer
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