Fernando Perdomo and the Beethose Beatles Tribute Band Raise Money for Love Thy Neighbor

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New Times: The news of Arnold Abbott went viral on the internet, so you would have read about it in L.A. What's your reaction to the story?

Fernando Perdomo: It's become a national problem and a national outrage. It's sad that people didn't know about this guy until he started getting arrested. I think news should be more about positive things than negative things. Something positive is coming out of this, and I'm glad that people are realizing that how stupid they (City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department) are to arrest this man, who all he wants to do is help others. I'm glad that things are looking more positive for the situation and I'm glad that it's given awareness to the charity.

How do you feel about helping Love Thy Neighbor?

I feel great about helping Love Thy Neighbor, helping a celebrity charity. This charity is not just local any more, now it's gotten to the point where people are going to want to become part of this charity, even if they don't live in South Florida. I think local charities this good will eventually expand to (becoming) a nationwide charity, because homelessness is a worldwide problem; it's a worldwide issue that needs help.

I'm really happy that it's getting awareness, I'm really happy that we are doing the show to help them monetarily. I really hope this show goes well and that the place is really packed because this charity really needs help.

I also want to mention that we lost a Beethose this year, and this show will be a tribute to Domingo "Mingui" Perez (the late guitarist who performed and recorded with Willy Chirino, Cachao and others). He was going through some rough times, and we brought him into the Beethose and those final shows he did with us were some of the best moments of his life. We will never forget his energy and his amazing playing.

Tell me about founding the Beethose with Jim and Jordan. How did you guys start out?

The Beatles' music is part of our DNA; we love playing it. There needed to be a South Florida collective of musicians that love the Beatles. We've been doing it for over ten years now, and we've done pretty much every Beatles album. This will be the second time we do The White Album and it's gonna be exciting because we've all grown as musicians and Beatles' music has never been more popular. So I think the time is right to get the Beethose back together and perform the album in its entirety, which many people consider to be their best album.

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