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Five Amazing Miami Heat Fan Videos from Outside the American Airlines Arena

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The Miami Heat whooped the collective bums of the San Antonio Spurs last night, albeit by a fairly slim margin overall. Who cares how much we were pooping our pants before the game, we're the NBA champions of the world! Again!

After the clock hit zero, we hoofed it down to the American Airlines Arena to revel in the unadulterated joy expressed by truly ecstatic Heat fans. We were caught in the midst of singing fans who used everything from their bodies to pans as instruments. They danced, they bounced, they celebrated King James!

Not only that, but the road was packed with folks hanging out of their car windows. We even caught glimpse of a guy on his saxophone playing on a street corner. It was glorious! Here are five videos of some of the most amazing moments of pure satisfaction, dance, and musical celebration we caught on tape after this spectacular win by the Miami Heat!

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5. Dancing in the Street

For all you haters who dump on the love of the Heat fans, eat your heart out with this video. The streets were packed from the Arena all the way to 20th Street down Biscayne, even hours after the win. The road was littered with screeching fans and even a decent amount of dancing in the street.

Hanging from their sunroofs, waving their shirts, making music with anything in sight, Heat fans showed their love. And what a beautiful love it is.

4. Goombay!

It was a regular old Goombay jamboree out there, with a drum line, horns, chanting, and pure Caribbean love! There were no shortage of pots, pans, and spoons to smack. The vibe was intensely happy. The most flawless Miami adoration that ever was expressed.

3. Percussion Central

Right by the train tracks was what we'd like to call the Cuban Corner. Everyone, from the guy on stilts with a guiro to the guy who looked like a hybrid Hare Krishna/santero with a snare drum, to the ladies with the maracas (the instruments, you pervs!), were playing with intensity. The celebration wasn't about to end by midnight. The party had just begun.

2. Carnival Style!

This crew of Carnival types didn't forget their feathers for the Heat win. Complete with cowbells, these avian creatures showed the beauty of our Miami fandom with fantastic costumes.

1. Best Video Ever

This may not look like the best video ever, but being caught in this sea of love was one of the most titillating of our life experiences. Ignore the flaws in the video, and pretend you were there, in a big old sweaty Miami hug. Let's go Heat!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.