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Flyer of the Week: Coke Bust Goes Ape-Shit at House of Pain August 10


Believe it ... There are chimps living among us. And when these wild animals aren't busy ripping the faces off unwitting citizens, they're insidiously hard to spot. Cleverly camouflaged in people clothes with their hair cropped and parted smartly down the middle of the skull, they're shopping in our supermarkets and they're bowling in our bowling alleys and they're rapidly growing their little surrogate families of misfit pets.

So now that you've been warned, beware this rising primate population. The average chimpanzee may wear a cloak of civility, but he moshes with the strength of ten men. And next Friday when D.C. fastcore crew Coke Bust arrives in the subtropics from their natural habitat in the Nation's capital, you can count on an all-out ape uprising. There'll be bananas in the pit. There will be shit on the walls. And if we're all lucky, the headliners and their backup (Miami grindcore killers Shitstorm and local hardcore crusties Mehkago N.T.) will generate enough cathartic noise that these chimps won't have to disfigure anyone at the office Tuesday morning just to keep an even keel.

Monday, August 10. House of Pain, 3240 NW 16th Terr., Miami. Show starts at 7 p.m., and admission costs $5.

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S. Pajot
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