Folks at Brew Urban Cafe's Dialect Talk Art

Photo by Mickie Centrone
Brew Urban Cafe's beer selection is tops
New Times Broward-Palm Beach Calendar Editor Mickie Centrone has the enviable job of knowing about every event that happens within the boundaries of the two counties, and then some. When she attends some of the finest events from a given week, we'll post the details of her travels here. On Thursday, she attended Dialect at Brew Urban Cafe in Fort Lauderdale.

On Second Avenue, where Brew Urban Cafe sits tucked behind Tarpon Bend, thirty people swarm the street for Brew's monthly art/DJ event Dialect. The walls inside of Brew are covered in new art -- but the majority of folks here are outside, and,  if they're inside, they're standing in a long, singular line -- I'm one of those people. But these baristas move quickly and soon I have an American Stout for me and red wine for a friend.

Local artist Richard Vergez

shows me his collage art on the left wall of Brew, the main area

showcasing over ten artists' work. "They're all cut out pieces of paper

glued together." Vergez says. Since January, he's been creating a piece

of collage art each day and plans to continue this for a full year. He

has five original pieces up, which aren't currently for sale -- but

he's selling them as prints. I inquire if anyone has bought any yet. "I

don't think anyone is looking at art tonight." And he's right. 

Photo by Mickie Centrone
The great wall of art

is outside gabbing and drinking, and I ask him what he thinks would get

people to look at the art. "If it was raining outside," he responds,

"or if everyone came by themselves and didn't know each other, they

would have no choice but to look at the art."

Vergez then asks

me, "What's your fave piece here?" And, eek, I respond: "I haven't had

the time to look at the art." The new directive now becomes finding out

if people here have actually checked out the artwork. 

"Yes, I

did, " replies Steve, who has long, curly brown hair and a yellow

T-shirt with parachute fabric. "I love art. It's a cool event." I ask

him if he's going to buy anything. "Probably not tonight," he responds,

"but it does make me want to go to more art shows."

"Did you look at the art tonight?" I asked our trucker-capped New Times

photographer Chris Bellus. "Not really... a little bit. While I was

waiting for a beer I spied with my little eye some very nice little

photographs by the bathroom that I thoroughly enjoyed."

Photo by Mickie Centrone
At one point in the night, there were 10 people dancing... in a coffee shop.
​Bellus' find on the way to beer is from local artist Lindsey Grace. It's a photograph taken in Haiti before the earthquake. Most of her

works are from her travels to Haiti and East Africa, and Grace tells

me, "I've put stuff up here before. I work at the other Brew, [this event's]

kinda networking... I know a lot of the artists."

Not only did

Galina, who wears a skirt and drinks coffee, check out the art she

offered up her favorite piece, which happened to be the same as Bellus'. "The painting

on the back wall is disturbing," she says. "I like when you get those

reactions and you're not like it's OK, you're not indifferent."

brew_ Crystal_donation.jpg
Photo by Mickie Centrone
Radio-Active Records Mike Ramirez was one of many who donated this evening
​By the way, tonight's Dialect was also a benefit for Crystal Ruiz Mills, a

Brew employee who was struck by a vehicle during the last Broward

County Critical Mass ride. Besides what Brew collected tonight, money

can be donated to this Paypal account.

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Mickie Centrone