Happy Birthday, Sir Mix-A-Lot!

There's no question that South Florida loves bass. When Sir Mix-A-Lot busted out with "Posse on Broadway" 23 years ago, he fit perfectly into our Miami Booty Bass Jell-O mold. No line captures the spirit of quad tearing frequencies better than "The 808 kick drum makes that girlies get dumb." If the sub-woofer had an official motto, that would be it.

Today, on his 48th birthday we honor Anthony Ray, the Knight In Booming Armor. Hailing from the diaganally opposite side of our great nation, he managed to create anthems that fit neatly into every South Florida DJ's set. And let's not forget that these cuts are timeless, okay? Anytime Sir Mix-A-Lot and hyper-paced jams rock the club, everyone's ass is on the dance floor. Let's just say that 1-900-649-2568 is gonna get a lot of dials tonight. 

With the help of Mix-A-Lot's five bootiest jams, let's party like it's 1988.

"Posse On Broadway"

"Sorry gentlemaen, we don't play Rap Music here... we play real music." Oh yeah? Sir Mix-A-Lot and his Elf hat wearing posse aren't trying to hear that Mr. Music Video Antagonist.

"I Like Big Butts"

I don't think we'd love J. Lo, Kim Kardishian or any other big bootied lady had Mix-A-Lot not turned our eyes straight on to the thick soul sisters. Thank you, Sir.

"Buttermilk Biscuits"

This jam and its high pitched voices are just too much fun. Get busy and move your butt to its funky beat already.


Dated and ridiculously awesome. If you are older than 26, this song makes no sense. Mix-A-Lot doesn't care, he proably still rocks a pager on the reg. 143 Sir Mix-a-lot, 143 forever. 

"Put Em On The Glass"

He scored big with big butts. What could he possibly do to follow that up? Big tits and cool cars! Probably not the shiniest star in the Mix-a-lot universe, but totally worth celebrating.

Happy birthday big buddy! We love you as much as you love butts, tits and cars!

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