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Head Spins: DJ Jenni Foxx

Hurricane Wilma may have been devastating for a lot of folks, but not for Jenni Foxx. See, on that 2005 day after it hit, she happened to have a scheduled DJ audition at the Clevelander. But there was no power. And a few hours later, when power was restored, Foxx got a call from the owner. Seems the Clevelander's resident DJ couldn't make it across the Causeway, so Jenni got the nod, based on looks and charm alone.

Soon after, a similar thing happened at Buck 15, when Foxx got pulled in last-minute to spin one of Edison Farrow's Thursday parties. And that slot led to spots at both the old Madiba restaurant, and again at Buck 15, this time on Saturdays. She's been holding down that latter residency ever since.

Then, another night, she was spinning a blend of old school rock and metal at the old Boom Boom Room. It caught the ears of local gadabout Chris Graham, who also tapped her to help his old Monday party at the Marlin. Since all this she hasn't stopped, and counts to her credit everywhere from raucous joints like Lucky Strike to same-sex favorites such as The Palace and Halo.

Not bad for a Cali transplant who actually had no intention of being a professional DJ, and to this day still barely owns her own equipment. And naturally as her range of venues expanded, Foxx's drops had to expand beyond vintage Ramones and revving Motorhead. These days she can easily swing between happy house for the boy toys and open format for the frat kids. But what Foxx really relies on is "music with words that everyone knows," she says. That means you're just as likely to hear the Cure's "Just Like Heaven" or A-Ha's "Take on Me," as you are to hear the Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun" and the Outfield's "Your Love."

But don't think for a second that Foxx concerns herself solely with hits of yesteryear. In fact, she's currently making a point of playing Madcon's retake of Frankie Valli's "Beggin," as well as the Noisettes' breakout "Don' t Upset the Rhythm" until everyone gets with these new, old-sounding hits. And Chu Fu's Ghetto House Fix of Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" is on continuous rotation everywhere Foxx plops her Pioneer CDJ.

Is she changing the way we hear the world? No, not really. But she is giving South Beach the party playlist for which it yearns. And she looks damn good while she's doing it, too. So, if you're in the mood to sing along and move your feet to some of the most familiar beats in rock and pop and dance, get your ass over to wherever DJ Jenni Foxx happens to be dropping and get your happy on. Your mood will thank you in the morning.  

DJ Jenni Foxx's Current Top Five:

1.  "Beggin," Madcon
2.  "Boom Boom Pow (Chew Fu Ghetto Remix)," Black Eyed Peas
3.  "Don't Upset the Rhythm," the Noisettes
4.  "I'm In Miami Bitch! (Remix feat. Pitbull)," LMFAO
5.  "Seventeen Forever," Metro Station

DJ Jenni Foxx. Wednesdays from 3 to 8 p.m. at the Clevelander, Miami Beach. Fridays at Automatic Slim's, Miami Beach. Saturdays at Buck 15, Miami Beach.

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