Local Motion: The Methodaires - S/T EP

The Methodaires




For a while there I honestly believed that The Methodaires were not gonna get it together and make studio time. But no, they did get themselves together and recorded this delicious six song EP.

Comprised of the deliciously esoteric Nia Devine on vocals, Joe Basi on

drums, Skye Rheam and Matt Roles on guitars, Jesse Steele on bass, Sam

Savage on trombone and Sam Gelberd on saxophone and keyboards, this EP

is a well-thought-out showcase of their talent throughout six composed

tracks that delve into every aspect of their chosen genre. There's roots

reggae, down-home ska with elements of soul and rocksteady coming

through. The musicianship is top notch and Devine's vocals are nothing

short of incredible. She's a true guiding force for this outfit; equally

sexy, sultry and with serious range.

Opener "All Right" gets the party going before the danceable "High Grade" grounds the effort into an enjoyable platter of reggae guitars, quirky and fun horns, tingling keys and a well-gelled rhythm section. "No Superstar" initially struck me as a cover, but I'm unsure and I'm guessing there's something about its ease of listening that has me confused and searching in familiar territories. "Over Now" allows Devine to send you packing like a shitty boyfriend before getting sweet with "Your Love is All I Need."

The EP closes with the swinging, 60's bachelor pad, spy-thriller cool of instrumental track "Sake & Stout" which would've been a cool soundtrack to have steadily played over my shoulder last weekend when I had an evening that involved said libations (and more). Yeah, that would've made me look a Helluva lot cooler than the actual stumbling and moronic slobbering I was doing all over Miami's Downtown. It's great to see that these guys put this effort out and now I can go on the fence for them putting together a full-length album. The Methodaires are great!


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