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Milk Spot's Rob Kingsley: "A Fun Band Made Up of Whimsical People"

One of the things that makes South Florida's music community an actual community in function and not just in concept is that it is incestuous in the best way. Bands down here swap and share members constantly and, whether or not you're into our musically polyamorous reality, it really does makes for a tighter knit group and better times.

More importantly, it keeps the music changing and evolving. For example, Rob Kingsley -- best known as the guitarist in South Florida blues-rock duo Killmama -- is also now handling drums for Milk Spot, a group of local garage rockers that Kingsley tells us has been kicking around South Florida for close to a decade, but only recently began to play out seriously and frequently.

According to Kinglsey, Milk Spot is heavily influenced by "a lot of homemade, lo-fi music. Stuff like R. Stevie Moore, Ween, and even the Cramps."

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"It's a really fun band made up of whimsical people -- and they're all good songwriters! The band consists of two brothers, Preston and Jesse Small, and Steph Pino handles bass. I just happened to come across when they were in need of a new drummer, and I really liked what they were doing. We all get a long and have a lot of the same music interests."

It's basically a proven, scientific fact that all guitarists are really just frustrated drummers, so the change of digs suits Kingsley nicely, and he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, saying, "One thing is that I've never played drums in a band before this, so they gave me a chance, which I'm really grateful for!"

Milk Spot has a few gigs on the horizon, including one tonight where Kingsley will be pulling double-duty with Killmama too at Churchill's Pub as part of the Pillar Records compilation release party.

The band will also be performing on Saturday night in Lake Worth at Unit 1 with local favorites, Ketchy Shuby, which Kingsley is most excited about.

Haven't heard of Unit 1? Kingsley gave us the scoop: "Unit 1 is part of Jacques de Beaufort's art gallery. He's really doing great things up there, from hosting art exhibits for locals to putting together live music shows now. He does all of the videography and editing for a series of live music videos recorded at the art space called the Unit 1 Artist Sessions." Kingsley helps out with the audio aspects of these recordings. "That's how we came to know each other, actually."

You can read more about Unit 1 here.

Milk Spot and Ketchy Shuby. 7 p.m. Saturday, December 13, at UNIT 1, 1202 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth. No cover. Visit Milk Spot's Bandcamp.

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