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No, WLRN, You Don't Have to Leave South Florida to Hear Rock 'n' Roll

Last week, WLRN ran a positively ludicrous piece suggesting that fans of rock 'n' roll "might have to leave Miami" to enjoy a good bit of organically made sonic piss and vinegar.

While we know all too well the area's reputation through our own efforts to extol and defend South Florida's validity as a rock 'n' roll town, WLRN's story failed to dig past the experiences of a scant two bands and a single club owner and, in doing so, failed every single person working hard to disprove the notion that this is a place so inhospitable that only DJs and bottle service can survive here.

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Let's get a few facts straight: Rock 'n' roll -- however vague a moniker that is in 2014 -- is no longer the reigning choice in popular music anywhere. However, rock music is still absolutely thriving in 2014, and Miami is contributing as much to the cause as any major city in the country.

Don't buy it? Ask any of the bands that have spawned here to go on to international success, like the Jacuzzi Boys or Torche. Take a look at the lineups for events like Sweat Records' epic annual Record Store Day event, Sweatstock, or one of the recent Fourth of July blowouts the Audio Junkie brothers Greg and Eddy Alvarez hosted at Gramps Bar in Wynwood.

These events, and so many others, consistently put together bills featuring homegrown artists ranging from garage rock to hardcore, punk rock to metal, and every other microgenre you could possibly cram under the rock music umbrella.

Pay some attention to some of the awesome shows and being put on by Steev Rullman of PureHoney or some of the heavy-hitting national garage and psych-rock acts that Rob Budowski of Strutter Productions has brought to town lately. Check out the DIY spots, like Space Mountain in Little Haiti, the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale, or maybe get to a larger show on time (for once, you assholes) and pay the openers -- whom are almost always locals -- the respect they deserve.

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David Von Bader