Radio-Active Records DJs' Picks for County Grind Live's Metal Showcase

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Earlier this week, we braved torrential rains and knee-deep floods to stop by Radio-Active Records. Owner Mikey Ramirez and Mothersky's Richard Vergez are DJing County Grind Live this Saturday at Green Room. Secretly, the goal of our visit to the store was to uncover what songs they'll be playing at our metal showcase. Of course, we assumed they'd be leaving their Debbie Deb and Katy Perry back at Radio-Active, but turns out, they're totally bringing this crap. And spinning it too!

We kid. Debbie Deb isn't crap, and it's unclear whether Mikey or Richard even owns a Katy Perry album. Anyway, these dudes will actually be bringing darkness to the turntables, taking cues from the three bands performing: Holly Hunt, Slashpine, and Shroud Eater. After the jump, get a sample of what records Radio-Active will be toting with them downtown this weekend.

King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man"
Mikey describes these leaders of prog rock as "embryonic

psych-metal that influenced thousands of bands. Thirty-plus years later, this

track still sounds as fresh as anything Electric Wizard has laid to


1,000 Homo DJs - "Supernaut"
"Although no

one can improve anything from Black Sabbath's golden era, this Al

Jourgensen and company cover version adds just the right amount of

industrial flair to transform the track into a repetitive metallic

rage." Mikey says of this Ministry side project.

Godflesh - "Like Rats"
"While everyone

else was exercising in speed wars, Justin Broadrick and G.C. Greene

slowed it down and added a drum machine, much to the dismay of Napalm

Death obsessives," Mikey points out. "Lo-fi and as brutal as the first wave of Swans. The

bass drum felt like a cannon to the chest."

Helmet - "In the Meantime"

from the Lower East Side alongside underground luminaries such as Cop

Shoot Cop and Foetus. They may have looked like executives at Sports

Authority, but Paige Hamilton and crew delivered the goods when it came

to perfecting the 'low end' approach," Mikey notes. "This song is always on my iPod

for a workout, especially when running up a bridge."

Slayer - "Reign in Blood"
And finally, of this Slayer song, Mikey says: "No explanation is necessary. It's sacrilege if you neglect this track. The anthem for all that is metal."

Hear Radio-Active DJs spin at County Grind Live. Holly Hunt with Shroud Eater and Slashpine, with visual effects by Bleeding Palm and Audio Junkie. 10 p.m. Saturday, July 21, at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale.

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