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Six Drugs That Britney Spears Could Have Hypothetically Taken During Her Head-Shaving Meltdown

Five years after YouTube shriek freak Chris Crocker implored the world to "Leave Britney alone," the pop music megastar's former manager isn't getting the hint.

For one reason or another, Sam Lufti just won't shut the fuck up about alleged drug use Spears partook in during the mid-2000s, when she just couldn't seem to free herself of the searing tabloid spotlight.

First it was prescription upper Adderral. But now Lufti is adamant on proving to the world once and for all that Britney Spears was recreationally smoking crystal methamphetamine.

County Grind has no idea if the accusations or true, and we don't care. We're too busy drafting a list of all the other illicit substances that could have contributed to pop culture's best meltdown of the 2000s.

6. Whippits

Did Britney Spears spend her time backstage cross-eyed and drooling after furiously inhaling balloon after balloon of frosty nitrous oxide?

5. Psychedelic Toads

Or maybe Brit was licking trippy frogs and going on vision quests but she started freaking out, mannn, and shaved her fucking head.

4. Coca Leaf

Ex-Mrs. Kevin Federline has a known penchant for uppers. But who wants to snort Borax? We can envision Britney Spears flying out duffel bags filled with coca leaves and then turning off all of the lights while she munches on a wad like Gollum chewing precious bubble gum.

3. 2CB

The mid-2000s saw designer drugs move out of their demographics of origin -- hippie chemists and ravers -- and into the mainstream. So if Britney was trying to wipe clean the doors of perception, she was probably ingesting blog narcotics like 2CB.

2. Robitussin

This explains why she released that Chopped & Screwed mixtape.

1. Salvia Divinorum

If you have a video of Britney Spears ripping a bong loaded with salvia, please get in touch.

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