Stache Opening Night: Patrons Reveal Their Favorite Mustache Looks

Patrons and employees were swaddled in pearl necklaces, fishnet, boas, and other prohibition era attire this Saturday at the grand opening of Fort Lauderdale speakeasy Stache. The sax was the instrument of choice at this Great Gatsby-style event and the decor consisted of sophisticated bookshelves, sparkling chandeliers and, oddly enough, even a picture of Chuck Norris. But hey, we dig Walker, Texas Ranger as much as Daisy Buchanan.

Despite the name of the place, there were no mustaches present except, of course, the real ones on people's faces. In honor of No Shave November (or Movember) and the name of 2nd Street's newest bar, we decided to talk to the partiers about their favorite mustaches and what they liked best about Stache.

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The Tom Selleck Mustache

New Times: Why is this place called Stache? Is it named after mustaches?

Mykel Stevens (the guy behind the Stache): (laughs) No, it's named after Charles Williams Stache, someone who had a bunch of drinking dens in the 1920s.

Why the '20s concept?

It's such a fun period of time. The roaring '20s! The fashion, the glamour.

What do you want to accomplish here?

We are going to have live entertainment every day, like burlesque and concert shows.

The Goatee

Mariela: Eh. If I have to choose... (Touches chin in circular motion)

New Times: The Goatee?

Mariela: Yes!

Nadia: I like clean shaven.

What's your favorite thing about Stache?

Mariela: There's so many, I don't know. I like the music, the atmosphere.

Nadia: I like the concept.

Mariela: It's fresh. I hope people will respond to this.

The "Cowboy" Mustache

Melissa: Cuz cowboys are sexy.

New Times: It's manly, isn't it?

Melissa: It is... I like the bookshelves here. It's like John Waters said, "We need to make books cool again. If you go home with someone and they don't have books, don't fuck them."

The Burt Reynolds Mustache

Kelly: I like the Burt Reynolds mustache, but thinner. The bushy-ish type. It's my favorite because I tried on all the fake mustaches in Fat Cats and this type fits me the best.

New Times: What's your favorite thing about Stache?

I love the décor and the rustic feeling. It's cozy. I love the party. Everyone looks awesome. Nobody does the '20s ever.

The Grandpa and the Handlebar Mustache

New Times: What's your favorite thing about Stache?

Ben: It reminds me of my grandpa who was my hero who grew up in the '30s, but not the '20s. He had a great, big, grey mustache. I actually had a mustache that I shaved five hours ago.

You're not doing No Shave November?

Ben: Up until five hours ago. I had to shave because I was seeing her tonight (motions to girl he's with).

New Times: What's your favorite part about Stache?

Drew: (Accepting glass of champagne from friend) My favorite part? The free booze. But I love the handle bar mustache. Ben had it on earlier, but he shaved it off. Pussy (shows picture of Ben's handlebar on phone). Can you smell what Hulk Hogan is cooking?!

The French Curly Mustache

Jason: I like the French curly one, because it looks cool. And I love that this place has three bars and the music is great.

Bar Stache, Fort Lauderdale's Newest Venue, Preview (VIDEO)

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