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Top Five Bands That Should Share the Stage With Asspiss

Reading through County Grind this past week, I first came across Reed Fischer's post about Lake Worth's Little Munich and thought, hey, that's pretty cool! A new venue! And then I came across Erica K. Landau's post about a canceled show at the aforementioned venue and I was like wow! What is going on over there in Lake Worth?

And I get it. To a certain point, I get it. I guess Little Munich is some type of restaurant by day and a live music hub by night. Many places have been able to toe that line in the past. So the problem here is that the show was canceled because of the band Asspiss' name being on the fliers within the restaurant, and owner Gabi Doll-Kachler bowed to the pressure of her clientele --  which, I might add, is probably the real bread and butter of her operation.

Oh well. And then, over the weekend, reminiscing over the many years that I've been involved in the punk-rock scene here in South Florida, I became aware of my age and changing sensibilities. Fifteen years ago, it would've been "Fuck that place!" and now it's more like, "Hmmm... I'd like to check out the restaurant and compare it to the many biergartens I enjoyed during my two weeks in Bavaria a few years ago."

But don't get me wrong. I place no blame here on the band and its chosen moniker. I like it! And as one of the responders to Landau's post pointed out, why didn't the patrons have a titty-fit with the Kill Now?! name? Oh well, must be the honey mustard and leberkäse and delicious beers clouding judgment.

So to avoid these little fuck-ups in the future, I suggest that Little Munich sticks to the more progressively named indie-rock acts that will surely draw out the much-better-behaved hipsters and her cleaning crew will have to worry only about scooping up $20 coke baggies from the floor instead of potentially fiery situations. See? Problem solved! Kids! There's always Churchill's or a good old-fashioned Punk Picnic out by the Everglades!!!

To conclude, I'd like to propose what probably was my original intention within this rant, and that's a fantasy reunion gig with Asspiss opening. Here are the top five "ass" bands to share the bill.

5-4. Fellow Floridians Asshole Parade and Assück

3. Assfort from Japan

2. Assfactor 4 from South Carolina

1. Texan rappers Assholes by Nature


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