Top Ten Thursdays: The Top Ten Greatest Rappers Alive (Let the Haterade Rain....)

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3. Jay-Z

The one-time CEO reminded any doubters of his greatness with 2007's American Gangster and continues his near 15-year winning streak with the soon-to-be-released-already-leaked The Blueprint Vol. 3. (Listen here: The album features the killer diss track "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)."

4. Scarface

After two decades in the game the South's greatest rapper keeps making fierce albums like last year's Emeritus, which features the sizzling street report "High Powered."

5. Eminem

No one -- not even Eminem -- will make records as awesomely sick and inventive as The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP. Had a no-name rapper issued Relapse this year, he'd be hailed as a genius. Here's Em, somber and reflective, on the single "Beautiful."

6. Andre 3000

Outkast's main man -- sorry Big Boi -- easily ranks as the Dirty South's most dazzling rapper, not to mention best overall musician, actor, and fashion plate. Here's to hoping the solo album he's reportedly working on arrives sooner than later and features him spitting as much as singing. From Outkast's classic 1996 album ATliens, here's "Two Dope Boyz (in a Cadillac)."

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Wade Tatangelo