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Top Ten Thursdays: Top Ten Reasons to Hate KISS

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7. Gene Simmons is an asshole -- just ask Terry Gross

In 2002, Simmons goes on NPR's Fresh Air with highly talented female host Terry Gross to plug his autobiography Kiss and Make-Up. He makes a complete fool of himself and is disgustingly cruel to the jovial, yet assertive, Gross, who does her best to keep the interview civil.

Even Simmons, who, among other awful gaffes, makes an ugly pass at the host, realizes he'd humiliated himself. Simmons refuses to let NPR make the interview available online. Thanks to YouTube, though, we can hear a super-defensive Simmons declare, "money is the single most important thing on the planet."

8. Firing Criss in 2004

Simmons and Stanley fire Peter Criss (the drummer responsible for penning/singing "Beth") and have replacement player wear his famed Catman makeup. Another classy move, guys. Criss, sounding mildly retarded, discusses being canned.

9. The Merchandise

From condoms to coffins, Kiss has put its Nazi SS-looking logo on just about every commodity known to the industrialized world. Fittingly, considering the age of the musicians, Kiss Army members can now purchase the Kiss Bingo game. Price? $29.99.

10. American Idol

Any rock band that performs on Simon Fuller's shitty talent show automatically loses any and all credibility. I think even Kiss fans understand this one.

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