Same artist who does leaflets for the Jehovah's Witnesses?
Same artist who does leaflets for the Jehovah's Witnesses?

Weezer's Death to False Metal Album a Slap in James Burns' Face

Last week, news spread of a Seattle man named James Burns who is so fed up with Weezer that he is hoping to raise $10 million to pay the band to quit. Weezer responded -- not saying that they wouldn't disband but that the price had to be doubled. Now if Burns is already pissed, today's news of a new album of leftover scraps, titled Death to False Metal, which includes a cover of Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart" and hits the streets November 2, isn't gonna sit well either. Jorge Garcia has not been reached for comment, but it seems that this move is not exactly extending the shelf life for Hurley.

From the news release:

"Turning Up the Radio" is the result of Cuomo's 2008 collaborative YouTube project, "Let's Write a Sawng," for which he invited fans to submit ideas. As they went through the steps of composing a tune, eventually, 15 people became involved. This track is one of only two songs not solely penned by Weezer for Death to False Metal.

"Blowin' My Stack," "Losing My Mind" (which features some of the most raw and personal emotions in a Weezer song),  "I'm a Robot," and a rock cover of the massive R&B hit "Un-Break My Heart" were all first recorded prior to the release of 2005's Make Believe. "I Don't Want Your Loving" was originally laid down as a demo for 2002's Maladroit. The abrasive punk-metal "Everyone" hails from post-1998 Pinkerton period, as does the pop song "Trampoline." The piano-based "Odd Couple" and new-wave-style "Auto-Pilot" were laid down prior to 2008's Weezer (aka "The Red Album").

So, as the release clearly states, this is Weezer's third release of the fourth quarter. No reason to forget that the band is no longer signed to DGC/Universal, which is releasing this album in a fashion that suggests that they believe there's nowhere for this band to go in terms of relevance except down.


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