Allen West, Ben Affleck, and the GOP Debt Deal

There's never a dull moment with U.S. Rep. Allen West on Capitol Hill. This week, as he drew kudos for abandoning Tea Party hard-liners and backing House Speaker's John Boehner's debt plan -- a compromise that temporarily raises the nation's borrowing limit while also cutting spending -- West still made time to do something silly.

Republicans leaders  held a meeting Tuesday in which they watched a clip from the Ben Affleck movie, "The Town," for inspiration. According to the Washington Post, the idea was to pump up fellow conservatives to support Boehner's plan.

In the movie -- which wasn't exactly marketed to rich dudes who argue on the taxpayer's dime-- a bank robber played by Affleck asks his friend to help him beat someone up.

 "I need your help," Affleck's character says. "I can't tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later. We're gonna hurt some people."

 "Whose car we takin'?" his friend asks.

When the movie ended, West stood up and informed his colleagues, "I'm ready to drive the car." This was his poetic way of saying he supports Boehner.

Affleck was less-than thrilled by the tribute. As for your friendly neighborhood bank robbers,it's safe to assume they were equally insulted.

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Lisa Rab
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