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Allen West: Democrats "the Most Racist Party I've Ever Seen in My Life"

The sun rises, the sun sets, and Allen West says some ridiculously hyperbolic shit. It's all part of the fabric of life, the universe, and everything.

Speaking to a group of black Republicans last Wednesday at the RNC in Tampa, West opened his face hole and words came out to the effect that the Democrats are the most racist party ever.

During his speech, West turned to two members of the media covering the event and issued a challenge.

"Tell the story," he said. "You guys allow the other side to attack black conservatives, and you don't call them out. That's the most racist party I've ever seen in my life, and you don't call them out."

Yeah! Those tea party people that love me so, walking around with signs depicting Obama as a monkey, are just misunderstood. You go and expose those Nazi commie closeted black-hating Democrats! They're the REAL racists, media. DO YOUR JOB!

West did acknowledge that the Republican Party has some ways to go in getting support from the black community.

But then he said Republicans represent the same economic and social values as the black community. 

Like that Mitt Romney, for instance. 

That dude's values and politics are so in tune with black people, he got a bunch of them to sit in on one of his speeches so they could applaud at specific cues

He's so in tune with black people's values and politics, he wants to repeal the Affordable Health Care act, even though 48 percent of African-Americans suffer from chronic diseases. And even though black children are more prone than white children to a host of illnesses, like type 2 diabetes and asthma. You know, preexisting conditions and such.

Yet, for some strange, unhinged, loopy reason, Mitt's got zero support from African-Americans! Crazy, right? But, hey, if black people just want to keep getting free shit, then they should totally vote for that other guy.

"There's no other group more conservative on a Sunday than the black community," West said in his speech. "But someone's got to tell me, Lucy, what happens Monday through Saturday? And that's what's got to change. For too long, this community has invested its political capital in one political party, and what are the dividends that you have gotten back from that?"

Yes! Black people should vote for Romney because of church! Also, what dividends has the black community gotten from Obama? Nothing! Except a lot of things. But otherwise, NOTHING. 

Republican National Committee cochair Sharon Day was also on hand and told the crowd that black families have been worse off under Obama.

"We know this president has been a total disaster for the black community," she said.

So, according to West and Day, black people are better off voting for Romney over Obama. Even though we don't yet know exactly what Romney will do to better the African-American community. Because he hasn't told anybody. We do know it won't be free, though. That's for damned sure!

But, whatever. The point is the Democrats are most racist party West has ever seen in his whole life. There is no disputing this!

-- Except for that time some people at the RNC threw peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman and said, "This is how we feed the animals."

-- And that time that one Republican said Michelle Obama's ancestor was an escaped gorilla.

-- Or that time a GOP staffer sent out an email with a picture of all the presidents where the image of Obama is nothing but a black frame with a pair of eyes.

-- Or that other time a conservative activist sent out an email with a photoshopped picture of Obama as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose.

-- Or the whole birther thing.

-- Or that time a black congressman found a swastika painted on his office door.

-- Or that time Rep. Joe Walsh said some racist things.

-- Or that time Newt Gingrich said some racist things.

-- Or that other time Newt Gingrich said racist things.

-- Or that other, other time Newt Gingrich said racist things.

-- Or every time Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth.

-- Or the whole Southern Strategy thing.

And except for this guy:

And these people:

And these:

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