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Allen West Says Teaching at Deerfield Beach High School Was Worse Than Afghanistan

Congressman Allen West touched on every issue under the sun in his half-hour of remarks at his campaign kickoff event over the weekend -- we'll be looking at a bunch of them this week, but one thing that stuck out enough to pass on today was the congressman's view of public education, which he says needs to be given back to the parents after being destroyed by teachers' unions and the federal government.

"When it comes to this issue, many of you know I can speak from experience, having taught high school at Deerfield Beach for one year after retiring," West said. "And that was such an enjoyable experience that I volunteered to go to Afghanistan for two and a half years."

Take that, high school that decided it was a good idea to hire a teacher who admits to torturing a guy!

West's time at DBHS wasn't all hugs and Lisa Frank pencils either: Robert Draper's Do Not Ask What Good We Do, published last month, offers a little more insight:
West, his wife, Angela, and their two daughters relocated to south Florida in 2004. He taught history at Deerfield Beach High School but only lasted nine months. It astonished him that his students knew nothing about the Constitution or why the Civil War was fought. When one of the kids took a swing at him, West knew that there would be serious trouble if he remained.
Serious trouble? Who could have seen that coming?

West's zinger, however, looks a little different from the resignation letter he submitted to school administrators in 2005, in which he said, "I have enjoyed my time here at Deerfield Beach and will not forget the warm reception I received."

He continued, "There exists a higher calling and purpose for me to serve in this time of critical need. Late last week I was offered a high level position which will require me to deploy to South Asia, Afghanistan. Although there is an imminent danger involved, as well as separation from those I love, I must accept the call and the challenge for a greater purpose, the safety and security of America and those seeking new freedoms."

In summary: "In the name of freedom, I QUIT."

It was also likely in the name of money: While West made $38,000 for a year at DBHS, in 2008 he made $87,330 as a government contractor with Calibre Inc., according to federal disclosure documents.

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