Chris Hansen Caught on Camera Cheating With WPTV Reporter, According to Daily Mail

In what could possibly be the quintessential display of irony in our generation, Chris Hansen -- famous for letting perverts know to "have a seat over there" on his Dateline NBC show To Catch a Predator -- was reportedly caught on camera in a rendezvous with a woman who is not his wife.

The woman he was allegedly with, WPTV's Kristyn Caddell, is 30 years old, so we don't need to check out the chat logs or look in his bags for wine coolers.

Caddell ignored phone calls from New Times yesterday to confirm or deny the allegation, and we weren't about to attempt getting in touch with Chris Hansen, since that would probably require instant-messaging 14-year-old boys on the internet.

If you've never seen To Catch a Predator, this video is just about all you need to know:

The Daily Mail says it was the National Enquirer that conducted the sting operation, so we wouldn't blame you for being skeptical.

Here's what the Mail had to say:

A source told the newspaper the pair met in March, when they were both out with friends at the Blue Martini Lounge in Palm Beach.

Miss Caddell, who was once an intern with NBC in New York, introduced herself to Hansen in the VIP area, and "there was an immediate physical attraction between them," according to the source.

The source alleged: "Chris and Kristyn got on so well that she ended up going back to his room at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach -- and later boasted to pals about staying the night with him."

The couple have allegedly continued to meet up in Miami and Palm Beach over the past few months, with Miss Caddell and her friends even flying to New York to spend a weekend boating with Hansen, the Enquirer reports.

In case you're a pedophile and think that Hansen's the devil, the Baltimore Sun has a nice reminder for you: "Sit down. You're still pedophiles. He wins."

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