Donald Trump is Twitter Beefin' with Buzzfeed

Looks like there's a new installment in our Donald Trump Is Twitter Beefin' Files.

We have a theory about Donald Trump. And it's this: Donald Trump is the living embodiment of a cartoon villain. Not in the sense that a "bad guy" wrestler from WWE, or an actor in a bad movie. But in the sense that he is, quite literally, a cartoon villain.

That theory plays itself every day on Trump's twitter feed. But never more so than in the past couple of days when Trump was insanely butthurt over an article by Buzzfeed.

It's an article that not only calls Trump out on his bullshittery, but also caused the man such distress he fired a top staffer over it.

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So buttburt was Trump by the article titled "36 Hours On The Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump," that he took to his Twitter to fire off insults by calling one of the biggest news outlets on the internet "third rate" and dubbed the writer of the article, McKay Coppins and Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith "losers."

Over and over again. Non-stop. Like a petulant child who was caught cheating on his math test. A petulant child with a horrible combover.

Coppins was allowed to tag along with Trump -- including hopping on a jet that flew to Mar a Lago in Palm Beach -- to interview The Donald at his South Florida estate.

Then Coppins published the piece, which was just an account of the vapid and narcissistic gold-plated world of Donald Trump and his bizarre self-serving aspirations to be Governor of New York. Which is pretty much like his bizarre self-serving aspirations to run for President in 2011.

The gist of the article is that Trump throws his hat into running for political office, only to step down from the pursuit.

Trump was so offended by the piece that he revealed just how thin his weirdly pasty skin is that he fired top aide Sam Nunberg over the whole thing.

Nunberg persuaded Trump to allow Coppins access, and grant him an interview.

"Sam said to me, 'This guy is a friend of mine. It's going to be a great story. I have confidence it will be fair.' So I actually did the interview as a courtesy to Sam," Trump told the New York Post.

"But I said to Sam, 'If this guy writes a fair story, that's fine. But if he writes a wise-guy story, you'll be fired.' And I said to Sam, 'OK?'

"And Sam said, 'OK.' ''

After firing Nunberg, Trump took to Twitter to throw a monumental hissy:

Trump even referenced an article by a conservative website that "discredits" Coppins and Smith.

All the narcism in Trump's system apparently left no room for a sense of irony.

As for Coppins, he simply had one response to the whole thing:

And yet, lost in all the noise and yelping is the fact that Donald Trump -- aside from being a bloated narcissistic meat sack with the world's worst combover -- is also pretty much a raging moron, thus bringing the whole Cartoon Villain Theory full circle with a tweet like this:

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