Donald Trump Tweeted Campaign Photo With Apparent Nazi Soldiers On Them (UPDATED)

Update: Like any true leader, Trump has gotten an intern to fall on his sword and blamed the whole Nazi tweet fiasco on him.

Original story:
Donald Trump wants to make America great again. And he's going to do that by calling Mexicans rapists and marching his army of Nazi soldiers over to the borders to keep them out. Or, maybe. Probably not. But if Trump wants to be President of the United States of America, he's going to have to tweet better. A LOT better. Because he apparently tweeted (and then deleted) a photo with an image of the American flag and Nazi soldiers emblazoned over his face.

In his enthusiasm to take back America and make it great again, Trump tweeted out the photo with the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain above it. The photo, however, featured a picture of Trump's face, $100 dollar bills, the White House and what looks to be Nazi soldiers hidden in the red stripes of the American flag.

Trump deleted the tweet. But, because the Internet never forgets, we have it right here:

A closer look at the image of the marching soldiers at the bottom right of the photo reveals that those are, in fact, Waffen-SS with rifles. The Waffen-SS was a Nazi Germany military force in World War II who are easily recognizable from their helmets


This isn't the first time Trump has tweeted something out without properly vetting it first.

Just last week, he tweeted out a supporter's tweet that said Jeb Bush would welcome illegal Mexicans into the U.S. because Mrs. Bush is Mexican.

And last year, Trump was tricked into retweeting a photo of serial killer couple Fred and Rosemary West after a follower jokingly told Trump they were his dead parents.

It's not certain where Trump got the photo from, or if it was something his campaign team accidentally threw together from a separate Photoshop, or if it was another prankster. But Trump deleted the tweet — after it received 809 retweets and 1,149 favorites. 

Meanwhile, the latest USA Today poll has Trump leading the GOP field. So, there's that.
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