Donald Trump Was Tricked Into Retweeting Tribute to Serial Murderer Couple

Donald Trump loves himself some Donald Trump. So, any time one of his admirers tweets at him on what an inspiration he is, or how he should run for president, Trump re-tweets them, because he's nothing if not a narcissistic cartoon villain.

But on Monday morning, one Twitter prankster took advantage of Trump's narcissistic tendencies and asked The Donald to retweet a photo of his dead parents who claimed Trump as a big inspiration. So he did.

"My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration," the tweet sad. "Can you pls RT for their memory?"

Problem is, the photo of the "dead parents" was actually a pic of convicted serial killers Fred and Rosemary West.

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Here's the original tweet, from @Feckhead, who is actually a comedian named Philip Bradbury:

Trump, thinking he had another admirer on his hands, re-tweeted the message. But, as soon as he figured out he had been duped, quickly deleted the retweet.

Trump was likely tipped off by the bevy of responses he received after sending out the retweet:

Trump, who loves insulting people by calling them losers and stupid, eventually fired back the only way he knows how: by threatening to sue.

Fred and Rosemary West were convicted in 1994 of torturing, raping and murdering several young women throughout the 1970s.

Fred committed suicide before the case went to trial. Rosemary is currently serving life in prison.

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