Florida Dad Encourages Kids to Fight, Jumps Into Fray When Son Starts Losing

Here's a story of an involved dad.

Carl Nicks, 51, of Brevard County, was part of a crowd of people who egged on two teens to solve whatever disagreement they had by using their fists.

One of the teen boys happened to be Nicks' son.

And when it looked like Nicks Jr. was about to get his ass caved in by the other kid, Nicks Sr. decided to intervene and started beating up that kid.

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According to Satellite Beach Police, Nicks and the crowd of onlookers were gathered on State Road A1A when the brouhaha went down.

Police were able to obtain a cell phone video of the incident, shot by one of the onlookers. On the video, the gathering could be heard screaming at the teens to get ready to rumble.

Nicks allegedly was part of that group.

In the video, you can see the two teens grappling. But when Nicks' apparent son is seen on the ground, losing the fight, Nicks jumps in and intervenes. With his fists.

Nicks is seen grabbing the other teen by the throat and then punching him a bunch of times.

While this is going down, voices in the crowd could be heard yelling at Nicks to back off. "It's not your fight," someone cries out.

Nicks was eventually pulled away from the teen by a woman.

Police arrested Nicks on charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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