Florida Man Blows Fingers Off With Homemade Bomb

James Minyard, 41, of Tampa never finished school, and wanted to start and finish a difficult job just to prove that he could. So, instead of learning how to play the guitar or taking up scuba diving, like most people would, he took up building homemade bombs. And then he proceeded to blow off parts of his middle and ring fingers with one of them.

According to police, Minyard learned how to make the bombs via the internet and began building them from his parents' home. He then blew off his fingers and had to be rushed Tampa General.

As soon as Minyard was released from the hospital, police were waiting for him to arrest him.

He had built the bombs using chemicals and materials to make a "variety" of devices, according to Sgt. Jarrett Seal of the Tampa Police Bomb Squad.

According to police, Minyard was walking along Sligh Avenue Tuesday afternoon when one of the devices went off in his hand, blowing off a couple of digits. Police are not certain where Minyard might have been going with a couple of homemade explosive devices.

Investigators say that there's no evidence linking Minyard to any terrorist organization and that he's basically a lonely guy building bombs in his parents' house.

Tampa police, in conjunction with the ATF and FBI, said there was no evidence Minyard was connected to any terrorist organization. He appeared to be working alone, and right next to his parents' bedroom.

Minyard's dad told police he and his wife had no idea their son was building bombs.

"I couldn't believe it," said Jim Minyard.

And here you thought your son was just another jobless dude living at home and mooching off mom and dad. He accomplished something! Sure, it was incredibly illegal and it blew off parts of his hand, but it's still a feather in his cap!

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