Florida Man Pees On Cop's Sandwich

Christopher Brennan didn't like being put inside a Lee County deputy's patrol car after cops were called in to investigate a disturbance at a Fort Myers resort at nearly 2 Monday morning.

So Brennan thought he'd bemoan this treatment.

And by "bemoan this treatment," we mean he unzipped his pants and took a piss on the deputy's sandwich.

That'll learn ya, copper!

Apparently, some folks at the Pink Shell Resort called the cops to complain about a couple of spring breakers who were being total douchenobs by breaking bottles and causing a nuisance at the resort during the wee hours of the night.

Police identified three people as the culprits. One of those hooligans was allegedly 18-year-old Brennan, who was placed inside the squad car as a precaution.

While the deputy was interviewing the other two, Brennan began to throw a hissy fit inside the vehicle. He banged his head against the window and bars and began screaming.

When the officer told him to stop, Brennan allegedly screamed out, "I will piss in your car!"

Apparently, this was no empty threat, because Brennan had himself a pee party in the squad car, with food and drinks.

Brennan managed to pee through the cage that separates the front seat of the car from the perps in the back. He pissed on several of the cops' personal items, including a cell phone, some water bottles, other cop paraphernalia, and the officer's lunch bag.

No word on how Brennan managed to squeeze through the cage to pee, but we think you can use your imagination on that one.

Brennan was arrested on a charge of resisting an officer without violence. We're no lawyers, but there should be a specific law against pissing on someone's food -- particularly an officer of the law. Brennan was transported to Lee County Jail.

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