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Florida Man Tries to Pay Water Bill With Cocaine

So, a man in Deltona walked into the water office and handed the cashier an envelope, presumably to pay for his water bill on Monday.

Turns out, instead of cash, the cashier found some cocaine inside the envelope.

Also turns out, you can't pay for your water bill with yeyo. Huh.

But before authorities could confirm what exactly the white powder in the envelope was, the entire Deltona Water office on Enterprise Road had to be evacuated.

According to Beacon Online News, an employee at the water department called the Volusia County Sheriff's Office to report a suspicious white powder on Monday morning.

A Volusia County Fire Services and Deltona Fire Department HAZMAT teams were dispatched to the area to check out the envelope.

And, upon further inspection, the white powder did not turn out to be anthrax or baby powder or chalk or even cash.

"Interestingly enough, it was crack cocaine," a Volusia County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said.

The sheriff's office is still investigating the situation and has been looking at surveillance footage from the Deltona Water building that may have photographed the man who handed the envelope to the cashier.

He's probably somewhere holding a wad of cash and wondering why his water has been shut off. Also, where all his crack cocaine is.

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