Florida's "Droopy Drawers" Law Sparks Genius Invention: Self-Sagging Shorts

A clothing company has issued its response to Florida's "droopy drawers" law, which bans wearing saggy pants in the state's public schools: Self-sagging shorts.

That's right -- thanks to a company called DUKEXXX, the world is now exposed to shorts that have the boxers sewn right in, so the sagging is done for you.

Or is it actually sagging?

Chris Gladin, vice president of sales and marketing for DUKEXXX -- who claims to have a "PhD in business" -- says he does not believe the shorts qualify as sagging, since the undies are sewn into the denim shorts, creating one piece of clothing.

"Sagging has been greeted with such strong disapproval," Gladin says. "Some towns and cities across the country have already outlawed it, and some states are taking Florida's lead to try and institute a similar statewide law. This is why we wanted to provide an alternative for saggers. DUKEXXX 'upholds' freedom of choice, so to speak."

The shorts -- coined "No drag sag" -- will set you back 50 bones and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, according to the website.

To make things even better, the shorts are hand-sewn and prewashed and contain a small pocket near the knee (ankle?) area for "hiding your stash."

Here's a picture of the shorts in action:

You can find all the sag-alicious information on the shorts on DUKEXXX's website by clicking here.

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