Floridians Bitch About Their Jobs More Than Any Other State, According to Creepy Study

Hmmm. What's the best way to say this... Floridians are not exactly... good workers? Office-bound? Competitive in the work place?

Is that mean? Well, maybe we should say it like this: With beaches! And the ocean! And the Everglades! And the SUNSHINE!... who wants to sit in an office all day? No one, right?

So you can't blame the folks down here in eternal summer for not exactly loving the office life. But a recent study with an interesting take on workplace satisfaction has quantified the Floridian's well-known distaste for the grind., the job posting conglomerate, teamed with an analytics company to creep on your Twitter action for a full year, noting every time you blasted the workplace in 140 characters or less. The results: Floridians hate their jobs more than any of Uncle Sam's own. 

Between March 2015 and March 2014, the team steering the study kept an eye on more than 1.1 million tweets, scanning for job-related conversations and comments. The team noted both positive and negative feedback, noting, in the words of a news release announcing the findings, "exactly who, what, when, where and why people take to Twitter to discuss how they feel about their jobs." 

Little creepy, right? Yet, interesting nonetheless. 

According to the results of the study, here are the top states based on a ranking of ratio of loving work-related tweets versus hateful work-related tweets. 

1. Hawaii
2. Utah
3. Oregon
4. California
5. Washington
6. Minnesota
7. Nevada
8. Maine
9. Arkansas
10. Idaho

And... drumroll, here are the states ranked on the opposite equation, with the highest ratio of hate tweets to love tweet re: the job situation. 

2. West Virginia
3. Delaware
4. Virginia
5. Ohio
6. New Jersey
7. Pennsylvania
8. Rhode Island
9. Louisiana
10. Maryland

So folks in Hawaii are going around all day, tweeting happy comments about their jobs; in Florida, we're firing off constant haterade in 140 characters or less. The study did find some interesting trends. After the new year, job-related positivity builds to a peak in March, then belly-flops with a sharp drop in July — right when people begin fixing their minds on their summer vacations. After that, it's a steady decline until another sharp fall in October — just as the holiday and end-of-year crunch is starting up. 

The study also tracked the top positions in each state; Florida ranked high with "paralegal," "operations director," and "sales representative." The three tops skills? "Spanish language," "customer support," "medical records." 

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Kyle Swenson
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