Jon Stewart on Allen West: "Quick, Robin! To the Batshit Mobile!" (Video)

Rep. Allen West was the subject of another Comedy Central news satire yesterday, when Daily Show host Jon Stewart made a quip starring West as Batman -- except he's driving the "Batshit mobile."

Republican House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy showed the GOP House members a clip from The Town, starring Ben Affleck, to get them riled up to vote on Speaker John Boehner's debt plan.

"I need your help," Affleck's character, Doug MacRay, says. "I can't tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later. We're gonna hurt some people."

"Whose car we takin'?" asks his partner in crime.

West told reporters outside that they'd just watched the clip, and after they all saw it, he says he stood up and said, "I'll drive the car."

After playing the footage of West announcing that to ABC News, Stewart responds, "Quick, Robin! To the Batshit Mobile!"

Watch the clip of Stewart's analysis on the GOP's motivational viewing of The Town below:

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